Thursday, June 28, 2012


The STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT is expanding across Texas! Family Support Services of Amarillo will be hosting a Stop the Violence event in Amarillo on October 20. It has always been our goal to see other cities take this movement across the country. It's exciting to see it happen!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Proud Husband

Read this on Abilene Regional Medical Center's Website today

Over 50 nurses at Abilene Regional Medical Center were nominated recently for ARMC’s prestigious Patient Choice Award. Nurses nominated for this award are recognized for providing outstanding quality of patient care, comfort and compassion. Continuing the tradition of the last few years, the program is designed to honor nurses in general; and one nurse in particular. Patients are asked to recognize the best of the best in ARMC’s team of nurses by identifying one remarkable caregiver. Ashley Mitchell, R.N. is one of those remarkable nurses and was named ARMC’s 2012 Patient Choice Award recipient, during an awards luncheon June 20. In attendance were fellow nominees, nursing directors, members of the ARMC administration team and Board of Trustees. “I am very touched and honored to receive this award,” said Mitchell. “Thank you.” Mitchell has worked in the medical surgery department at ARMC for less than 12 months, yet has touched several patients’ lives during her short time. Her professional manner, friendly attitude and peppy demeanor were all reasons listed as why Ashley was nominated. “Delightful young lady!” one patient describes Mitchell. “She takes her job seriously; going about her nursing duties with a joyful heart and friendly smile. She makes you feel like she cares about you. It’s not just a job to her. It’s her calling.”

Monday, June 18, 2012

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Homeless Woman Who Died Crossing Street Was 'Drop Of Sunshine' - Abilene News Story - KTXS Abilene

Homeless Woman Who Died Crossing Street Was 'Drop Of Sunshine' - Abilene News Story - KTXS Abilene

An Abilene homeless woman known to many at Mission Abilene who was struck and killed by a vehicle was remembered over the weekend.
Mary Bowdon, 55, died after she was was hit by a van on South 1st Street. Police said she was probably crossing the street when she was struck by the vehicle Friday night. Bowdon was homeless and known to many as "Mary" at the Mission Abilene where she worshiped. On Sunday the Mission took some time to remember Bowdon with a song."She was a little drop of sunshine in everybody's life. Even when she was walking around with that little frown on her face, Mary had lots of love," said Carol Hall, a member of the congregation.Terry Osborn also knew Bowdon from church. "Everybody loved her. She could be a little stubborn at times, but she really had a heart," he said.Pastor Chad Mitchell, who knew Mary for many years, said when he would arrive at the mission, Mary would meet him at his car, walk him to the door and ask him if she could come inside. He said he would tell her "of course."Bowdon sat in the same chair every Sunday during worship. Those who knew her said she will be missed, but they are happy she is not in pain."She's not hurting anymore, she's not suffering, she's not out in the cold, she's not in the heat, she's not wondering where she's gonna lay her head tonight," said Hall.A memorial service is still being planned for Bowdon.The car accident is still under investigation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aug 12 at Mission Abilene

I'm excited to announce my friend Mitch McVicker will be live with us on August 12th at 10:45AM at Mission Abilene. Mitch is a Dove Award-winning singer-songwriter. Mitch along with his incredible talent has an amazing testimony of perseverance which he will share with us on Sunday August 12th. Below is a portion of his story taken from his website.

McVicker’s journey began by doing concerts, writing songs, and being roommates with the late, great Rich Mullins. The two of them garnered a Dove award for penning the song, “My
Deliverer”. McVicker was in the car-wreck that took Mullins’ life, and he was left with broken
bones, collapsed lungs, a coma-induced head injury, and a long recovery.

Yet, McVicker, a Kansas native now residing in Atlanta with his family of six, asks, “Who
doesn’t go through struggles and find themselves wandering what is going on? Questions mount as hard times increase and difficulties grow”. McVicker states as bluntly as he can, “If you say to yourself that doesn’t describe me, and things aren’t hard like that for me; I say, you are one of the pretenders”.

McVicker believes most people find themselves walking through the dark. “The faithful person continues to walk when he or she cannot see”, he says. And, he reminds us that we are merely walking through the dark. “There is a light shining just past the dark. There is another side.” 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We're all in a waiting room of some sort - between where we are presently at and where we're looking to go. Join us as we learn the way we react to the waiting rooms of life will dictate where we will end up.

New Series: Waiting Room

June 10th 10:45AM