Saturday, August 27, 2011

Because of YOU

Words can not express how thankful I am to all those that sacrificed immensely to make STV in my eyes the most memorable STV event yet. Because of each one of you, my life today was changed forevermore. I witnessed firsthand volunteers, vendors, businesses, nonprofits, and the STV leadership rise to the challenge to make some noise.

Now that the event has come to a close, I want to assure you that next year will be even better. We will take all the feedback we received, work on our weak points, and cherish the bright spots.

For the next week or so I am going to disconnect for a while from social media so I can catch my breathe. But I want to reassure you that I will return louder than ever, because of each one of you.

I'm going to sleep a little better tonight knowing that I witnessed almost 3,000 people come and go today that are a little bit more aware of how to make some noise.

If you are available tomorrow Big AL will be sharing at MISSION ABILENE at 10:45am. I would love to meet you and thank you personally for making some noise.

I pray you continue to make some noise...

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's 4:30am, I am getting ready for KTAB Daybreak show, I am ready to make some noise!

make some NOISE.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

KTXS, LAST updated schedule before STV

Looks like KTXS will join the roster of interviews tomorrow. I think it will be featured on the 5 and 6 o'clock news.

Tomorrow I will start the day at KTAB at 5:30am to represent STV on the morning show, sometime early morning I will meet with KTXS, then return back to KTAB Studio at 11:30 for a pre-recorded interview with Charity Lee, where her story will be featured on KTAB Friday Night. I will then jump over to Abilene High school to speak to the Abilene High Football team at 12pm, then in the early afternoon we will meet with ARN, and last but far from least we will join the candyman on 106.3 at 2:30. I write all of this for one reason, to remind you that...

Literally we are less than an hour away from being ONE DAY AWAY FROM STV 2011. I beg you to spread the word to anyone and everyone, this a movement that all of humanity should be invited to...

I can't thank all of you enough, those of you that do all you can to make some noise.  Because of you, the city will not remain the same.


I declined, but I guess now you know

I was asked yesterday by a reporter if Austin "Boo" David's family will be present at STV...I declined to answer her question out of respect for Boo's family, I thought they should be the one to answer that question....And they did.

Sari, I see you making some NOISE!

What is cool about it is, Sari and Keith have been present at the event since day one. Their family was already helping make noise even when Austin was still with us.

Make some Noise.

Round 2 for my don't want to miss this

The first year for the men on my staff to join Walk A Mile In Her Shoes efforts was quite memorable to say the least...
Join us this year as we Kick off STV 2011 with Walk A Mile In Her Shoes...

Click on link below and hit play on the video that will be displayed on new page, please make sure you have your volume up.

Another one bites the dust

Sorry Terry for bringing it back, I just couldn't resist.

Make some NOISE.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Tomorrow we are taking a much needed break from our media tour. On Friday we will pick up where we left. Our day will start by being featured on KTAB's morning show, then at 11:30am I will join Charity Lee at the KTAB studio for a pre-recorded interview that will air Friday Night on KTAB. Following that interview we will sit down with ARN to undergo another interview that will be featured Saturday morning. Then at 2pm Charity and I will be on Candyman's show on 106.3.



In just a little over an hour, there will be only 2 days remaining till Abilene becomes a little bit louder place to reside. Thousands will see first hand how to stand up and make some noise against injustice. The only question remains, will you be one of those people?




Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tonight we closed out our leadership meetings for STV. I walked away from our last meeting entirely overwhelmed. I walked away overwhelmed with joy, I am greatly humbled  with the reality that so many people are joining the STV MOVEMENT. Today I was asked by a reporter, "Am I amazed what STV has become?" My answer simply was "yes and no."  Yes I amazed daily as a result of all the wonderful devoted people who are truly making a difference in our community, as a result of their intense labor, STV has become what it is today. Yet on the other hand I am not amazed. I'm not amazed, or shocked for lack of a better word, because all throughout God's Word time and time again  promises that He will give us our hearts desire as long as it lines up with His will for our lives. God is simply doing what He said He would do.  Amazed somewhat, humbled absolutely, that God would use flawed people such as us for His Glory.

Make some noise.

Candy Man is making some noise.

I had a great time on Star 106.3 with "The Candyman," today. Ben, AKA "The Candyman," has been on board with STV since year one. In fact just glance at his wrist when you cross his path in public. Four years later he is still wearing our STV bracelet I gave him over 4 years ago. Thanks Candyman for helping us make some noise.

Charity Lee and I will join his show on Friday to help make a little noise.

Make some noise.

Rock 108 is joining us in making some noise...

Tomorrow  I will be representing The STV MOVEMENT on Frank Pain's show on Rock 108. Frank has been an incredible supporter of The Stop The Violence Movement over the last four years. Our interview will air once again on Friday. Thanks Frank and 108 for helping us make some noise.


I got word today that a story will drop about STV in Abilene Reporter News on Thursday. Keep watch, and in the meantime make some noise.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Today I was blessed to be on The Professors Radio show on 1340am. Those guys are great. Tomorrow I will be on the Tejano station Star on 106 at 2pm. This will be the fourth year I have been on "The Candy Man's show." It really blessed me today to see The candy man as I left my first interview, circling his wrist was our first stop the violence bracelet that he hasn't ever taken off. It brings joy to my heart to know that STV is doing exactly what I dreamed it would do, creating awareness among the community

I'm excited to say in just a couple of minutes I am going to finalize the layout for STV for the fire marshal, which means we are one step closer to see STV take FLIGHT.

Make some noise.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be on the look out

Just got off the phone with a reporter from the Abilene Reporter News, be on the lookout for articles to surface about STV throughout the media circuits. I'm looking forward to read the comments from our fellow citizens. Ha ha.

Make some Noise.

6 days= 3 reasons

We are now just 6 days out from having the opportunity to be a part of the movement.

In recent days the demands from a busy schedule and countless tasks undone has kept me on the go. Yet even in the midst of stress and sleep deprivation I am reminded of three reasons why I am so passionate about STV.

1) To give victims a platform to speak and rise above their past

2) To create awareness among the city

3) Lastly, I want my 11 year daughter, Alexis and my 1 year old, Sadie to know that their daddy did all he could to make this world a better place for them and all of humanity.

Make some NOISE.

Friday, August 19, 2011


In 8 days you will have the opportunity to be a part of a Historical Movement. Not only will our city be different, but my prayer is that each one of us in attendance of THE STV MOVEMENT will walk away more passionate to make some noise than ever before. I don't know about you but I am not waiting for 8 days to make some noise, let's start this second.

Please help us share the word. Facebook, myspace, twitter, personal blogs, email, texts

AUG 27th, 2010

Make some NOISE.

Humble beginnings, Remember the first STV

Thought I would share with you a brief slideshow of the first STV gathering.

The evolution from humble beginnings to what The Stop The Violence Movement is today has occurred because of two reasons. First and foremost, we wholeheartedly believe God has bestowed on us favor as a result of accepting the call to make some noise. Secondly, IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU, people such as yourself who are tired of being a part of the statistic. You are tired of being silent, for that, I can't thank you enough.

Make some noise.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mr. McIntosh

Meet Mr. McIntosh, featured speaker at STV

Rodney McIntosh, born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1976 grew up on the Eastside of the Stop Six Community. The oldest of 6 children, at the age of 11 he started smoking marijuana and running the streets.  The streets became second nature to Rodney, at the age of 14 he joined the Truman St Bloods which was the first blood gang in Fort Worth. As the years went by he got deeper and deeper in the streets, his drug use intensified creating a thirst for heavier drugs, which led him into committing robbery time and time again. Rodney was locked up for the first time at the age of 18. His record grew as a result of being arrested once again at the age of 21. Upon release, not only did he continue to use drugs but he also sold them. Gaining more respect in the streets and in the blood gang daily didn’t prevent him from finding himself behind iron bars, he was locked up again at the age of 25. Once again upon release he picked up right where he left off, using and selling drugs.  The cycle continued for Rodney, he eventually was locked up again. Yet, this time was different. Rodney wanted to change his life. He decided to give his life to Jesus. Behind cold iron bars, Rodney was transformed from a notorious gang banger to a preacher.  He started preaching in the cells that once held him in bondage. When Rodney returned to the free world, he was different. Today, Rodney speaks to groups all around the country, sharing his life story in hopes of keeping just one from falling prey to the streets. 

Here are some times the spot will run.

7:15p (Prime time)
7:43p (Prime Time)
7:26p (Prime Time)


Wow! I DVR"d both KTAB at 5pm and 6pm....and just now had the chance to review them since i have been spending my last 3 hours at the mall with my two little girls so mom could have a much needed break to bake my oldest one's birthday cake. Speechless, is all I can say. I was able to witness with my own eyes, one of my dreams become reality as I saw our media spots during both newscasts.

I can't thank you enough KTAB/KRBC/BIGCOUNTRYHOMEPAGE for helping us make some noise.

THE STV MOVEMENT has become what it is today because of businesses and individuals such as yourself.

Make some NOISE.


Did I mention Big Al is coming to STV?

NOTE: The image on the Mongols MC logo is the actual face of Big Al Aceves. We mention this to make it clear to you what impact he had as a co-founder of this outlaw bike club, and to effectively communicate where God has brought him from.

Alfonso Aceves was only a teenager and was addicted to violence. 

“I was already like 18, 19. I was committing crimes, selling drugs. It was like excitement,” Al said. “You wanted to do it. You had to do it. And then when you did it, you were glad you did it; even if you came out hurt. Then, all of a sudden the Vietnam War came.”
Al served two tours in Vietnam as a member of the 101st Airborne. When his time in the army was up, he was at loose ends.
“I thought to myself, ‘what am I going to do?’ I was coming home on the plane and I said, ‘man, I’ll go to college, try to change my life.’ That didn’t happen,” Al said. 
After several run-ins with the law, he and some friends started a motorcycle club called the Mongols. 
“When we started the Mongols there were 10 of us. Everywhere we went somebody would want to test us and we’d fight. And, little by little we started growing; growing more chapters until I was getting kind of like famous in there for all the fights that I had - all the things I would do to people,” Al said.
“Big Al was a sergeant-at-arms. He was what I call a war lord,” said Andy Holguin, who used to ride with Al. “Whenever we needed something taken care of, Al was the guy that we looked to.”
“We thought we were living a dream, all these things we were doing, and everybody was so afraid they would never say anything,” Al said. “I picked up the gun and I ended up going and doing things for other people that, if you owed money, I’d go collect.” 
Al made countless enemies, and eventually became addicted to heroin. Even so, he married Lorraine.
“I had six kids, and he married me with these six kids,” Lorraine said. “And he said, ‘don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of the kids; I’ll support you. Everything will be all right.’” 
Al’s heroin addiction got worse. He needed money for drugs, so he started taking on bigger jobs.
“I needed drugs, so I needed to do things. I would take whatever I could get,” Al said.  “They would say, ‘can you bomb this place?’ and I’d give them a price.” 
“I was always worried, always fearful that he’d get in trouble or die,” Lorraine said, “because he’d go all over, Mexico, everywhere. And I used to say, ‘oh, is he going to come home? Are they going to give me a phone call and he’s dead?’” 
When the money ran out, Al and his family needed a place to stay. So a family took them into their home. But they had one stipulation.
“He says, ‘there’s only one thing, we’re going to read a scripture every day when I come home.’ I didn’t know what a scripture was,” Al said.
But as Al reluctantly studied the Bible, his curiosity began to grow.
“One day he brings another guy. Then the guy started talking to me about salvation,” Al said. “He says, ‘you know, wouldn’t you like to be saved? Wouldn’t you like your sins to be forgiven?’ And I looked at him, I told him, ‘man, you don’t know who you’re talking to.’ Do you know what I mean? The things I’ve done. And he told me, ‘no, God died on the cross for you.’ So, I accepted the Lord. But I was still hooked.”
But turning his life around wasn’t so easy. He was eventually locked up for planning a bomb attack.
“When he came out, we went to meet him at the airport, my family and I, and I was scared, fearful.  I didn’t know which way he was going to go,” Lorraine said. “When he came home, it was a little rough at first, but he just said, ‘we’re going to church. We’re going back to church. I don’t want to leave God anymore. I want to stay with him.’”
Al moved into a Christian men’s home and kicked his drug habit.
“I was kicking heroin. God was so good that He gave me the strength to stay, because I wanted to run,” Al said. “But when I started falling down on the ground, having convulsions, God was good. I stayed; I kicked it.”
The change in Al is evident to everyone around him, especially to Andy, his friend from the Mongol days. Andy, too, became a Christian.
“That’s been the awesome thing to see - the transformation,” Andy said. “Because he was always a big, rugged, hard-core guy, and now the tone of his voice has changed. He’s a very compassionate person, very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, to the needs of people.”
“I’m proud of the strength in him that he stood up and said, ‘I’ll follow you, Lord.’ Oh, I know it was hard because of his background and all that he’s been through,” Lorraine said. “And then, being a dad, raising my kids. I’m proud of him.”
“Death called on me a lot,” Al said. “People have tried to kill me forever; but God had a plan in my life.”
“No matter what kind of biker you are, no matter what club you’re in, no matter what situation you’re in, God can take you out of it. My life has changed just because of Christ,” Al said, “not because of any drug, not because of any program, no doctor, no psychiatrist. God has changed my life completely from the person I was to who I am now.”
Al currently serves as a mentor to men of all ages, and attends The Rivers Edge Church.  He has answered the call to act as Program Director at The Rivers Edge Ranch, and travels the country as a key note speaker at conferences, outreaches, crusades, and prisons. He has been seen on various television programs from coast to coast and around the world, including Al's Recent Feature on the CBN's 700 Club program. 
Al is a prime example of a "transformed heart..."

Early debut

Thought I would share with you some of the gear that will be surfacing at STV. The blue shirts are for our faithful non-profits that are on the front lines. The camo will be on sale to the public, and the red will be for my great team of staff.
Make some noise.

Spots on KTAB

Hey guys  if you are around the TV be on the look out for our commercials on KTAB.

One should run in the first break of KTAB's daybreak show, one between 7:45am-8 in the early show, one towards the end of the 5pm news and one in the 6pm news...

Make some noise.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here is our billboard that will be featured on the Digital Sign across from WALMART on South West Drive starting this Saturday. The Ad will run 180 times each day until STV. Thank you so much for supporting the STV MOVEMENT! Make some NOISE.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Rumor has it...

It's no rumor, The web banner will be up by 10a this morning on It will be one of the revolving lead ads on top of page. The site gets a lot of traffic. Between now and the event we will get close to 50,000 Views. The spots will start tomorrow on KTAB and KRBC.

Even though we have been blessed with a ton of media, please help us make some noise.


Sunday, August 14, 2011



I don't know about you but I am not waiting for the world to change. I want to be a part of the change.

Make some NOISE!


We are just minutes away from entering into 12 days before Stop The Violence. Media spots will hit the air waves, articles will be written in newspapers and online, signs are up, yet the most important way to get the word out about the STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT is for you to share with your personal sphere influence about STV 2011. I'm talking about grassroots marketing people!


PLEASE HELP US MAKE SOME NOISE! We are running out of time to get the WORD OUT!


Saturday, August 13, 2011



I am going to wait for KTAB/KRBC to break the news, but I will tell you this. STOP THE VIOLENCE JUST GOT BETTER!!! THIS IS BIG, BIG NEWS...A past resident of Abilene will go public for the first time about her story. Her story is one of perseverance and hope, she brings one of the most unique perspectives I have ever seen. She represents both the victim and the offender...

Stay tuned to KTAB in the next few days...I am so blessed to witness the M O V E  M E  N T!


Making a little bit louder noise...

Uh oh, making a lil bit of noise...

I thought I would share with you a few spots that we will be running for STV....MAKE SOME NOISE!


Hey guys we are launching a new series this Sunday called STAND in preparation for Stop The Violence. You don't want to miss this.

See you Sunday at Mission Abilene @ 10:45am!

Make some Noise!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing a hero of mine

Quickly approaching 4 years of The Stop The Violence Movement, I have to say I am one of the most blessed people on the planet. The STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT has not become what it is today because of anything whatsoever I have done, but it has become what it is today because of people such as my little friend Salem. I write this with tears in my eyes, because this is what I have dreamed about for 4 years. People of all ages, backgrounds, races, beliefs, coming together to join the efforts of THE STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT.

Please read what Salem is doing to Stop The Violence. Thanks Salem, you are truly one of my heroes!

you can like her facebook page at or help her accomplish her mission by ordering some bake goods!

Make some noise.

Salem Bakes For Stop The Violence 2011

by Salem Holamon - Run to Stop Violence on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 5:22pm
You may remember that last year Salem chose to run 2 miles to help raise money for Stop the Violence. Because of the extreme heat in Abilene this summer we decided to not have Salem train to run her 2 miles to raise money for Stop the Violence. But our Salem was determined So she decided to bake! Seriously bake! She’ll bake any of the following for any donation. And if you do not want the baked goods she’ll still bake and give the baked goods to a homeless person. What a double treat – she raises money to help Stop The Violence & blesses the homeless. We’re so proud of our girl. Please consider supporting her. She will be baking and delivering the week before the Stop The Violence event on August 27th. Last year she ended up raising almost $700. Help her meet this goal! Please feel free to message or email her mom this information and she will get it on her list. You can mail a check to Leah Holamon – 1841 N 3rd Street with checks made payable to The Mission. Please send the checks to us so we know how much to bake – even if you want to donate the baked items to the homeless. Or you can paypal her mother at

About Salem: She will be 9 on October 1st. She is a surviving triplet and has Noonan Syndrome & a heart condition called Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy. The very fact that she is here is a miracle. Now she is an active child who likes to run and play and do everything every other kiddo does. We're very thankful to her doctors and her beta blocker for diagnosing her and keeping her healthy. She also is beautifully compassionate and understands things way beyond her years. Her biggest response when asking questions about why were helping with the Stop The Violence event last year was - "if all they need is money to help people, let’s give money." Don't you just love the faith and compassion of a child?

Which baked good would you like:
Amount Pledged:

For any size donation she will bake a dozen of your choice:
Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Lemon Bars
Special Request

Abilene Ranks Third In Country For Highest Number Of Forcible Rapes - Abilene News Story - KTXS Abilene

Abilene Ranks Third In Country For Highest Number Of Forcible Rapes - Abilene News Story - KTXS Abilene



Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey guys, I never send out request for you to follow a blog, yet today is different. Ever since he was in high school, I followed a young man out of Midland High named Baron Batch. I then was blessed to follow his career at Tech. Now, just days before playing a preseason NFL game for the Steelers, his dream has been delayed....

check out his blog at

This young man inspires me to be not only a better human being but also a better Christian.

Make some NOISE!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hey guys, I'm so excited. I just left a meeting with one of the founding gang members of the bloods in the metroplex. I am excited to announce that he will be joining our Stop The Violence Forces. He will share his story at STV 2011. Not only will he be present at STV, The Stop The Violence Movement in the next few months will join forces with him to reach the projects in FORT WORTH!

Just another example of how Stop the Violence isn't just an event.   IT'S   A    M O V E M E  N T!



Saturday, August 6, 2011

The difference

So I have to admit, I am getting a little excited, STV 2011 is only 21 days away. So to burn off some adrenaline I thought I would share with you the difference between Silence and STV...

Silence tells you to shut up…          Stop The Violence tells you to SPEAK UP

Silence tells you to hurt…                 Stop The Violence tells you to HELP

Silence tells you to ignore…             Stop The Violence tells you to REPORT

Silence tells you to sit…                    Stop The Violence tells you to STAND

                            WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today I had the privilege to meet with the National and Regional Sales Manager for KTAB.KRBC & I'm excited to announce next Tuesday we are shooting TWO commercials for STOP THE VIOLENCE. Our ads will start running on bigcountryhomepage in the the next week or so. Then our commercials will start running 2 weeks out.


Make some noise!


Too often when I hear about STOP THE VIOLENCE, I often think well that is an event that is only about STOPPING VIOLENCE. The TRUTH is the event is about being proactive against Violence, but it also serves as a platform for victims to speak. But one thing I want to remind you, is that there is one side of each violent story that is often overlooked. The person that committed the act of violence, their family has also become a victim. The antagonist in the story causes a tremendous amount of pain to his/ her own family. Sometimes they too lose a loved one...Check this story out, what a beautiful way of taking negative and making it positive.

Wife of Corporal Shot in Head Makes Remarkable Request

Story posted 2011.08.03 at 03:10 PM CDT
BigCountryHomePage News
The wife of Corporal Darrell Campbell, the Snyder policeman who was shot in the head on July 12th, is asking her supporters to focus their efforts elsewhere.
Amber Duncan Campbell's husband was shot in the head after responding to a call on July 12th by Dwayne Birmingham, who was then shot and killed by Officer Lee Ortiz.
Now she is asking her supporters to focus their charitable efforts on the children of the man who shot her husband.
In a recent Facebook post, Mrs. Campbell wrote:
Okay people keep asking us what we need. I have thought a lot about this. I would like people to rally together and get school supplies and clothing for the children of the man who shot Darrell. My heart breaks for them..they can never have their dad back and they need support too. Darrell is doing so well! He gave thumbs up when I asked him if he was on board with this idea. We are forgiving and letting go!
Stick with for more information on how you can help as it becomes available.

Make some noise,