Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wonderful World

It is so easy to sit back and find yourself drowning in a pond of negativity. Simply turning on the news can cause you to be overwhelmed. Trying on clothes that use to fit, changing your kid's diaper for the thousandth time of the day, your car failing to start all can cause the levels of negativity to rise above our shoulders... But if you really pause, take a deep breath, and look around it's a beautiful world we have the privilege to swim in.
Live to Love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Life, a God given gift each day for many. Life, a mysterious journey that is filled with ups and downs for humanity. Life, is so unpredictable. At times life seems like the most amazing turbulence free flight known to man, yet in a matter of seconds turbulence forces its way in, testing every bit of our strength and most of all our faith. In recent days I have come to the realization that I take my life for granted entirely too much. I often find myself complaining about my hectic schedule, ranging from work demands, speaking engagements, family needs, my child’s activities, that I rarely pause and recognize how precious life is. A disheartening fact is I feel that too often I find myself rushing about my life that I frequently miss God’s simple blessings that daily come my way. Whether it is a ray of sunlight that beams down on my face, a sweet kiss on my check from my daughter, a gentle hug from my wife, or a kind word of encouragement from a friend, I seldom pause to realize how blessed I am. Too often I play the victim, often complaining how difficult life can be, when I need to bring the craziness of life to a halt, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy all that God has given me. A great tragedy that often happens to me personally and much of humanity is that it takes tragic or disheartening news to wake us up to the reality of how precious life is. A phone call, a medical report, a troubled email, at times brings us an intense reality check of how much we take our life for granted. Today I found myself once again, renewing a conviction in my life, to take life at a slower pace, to enjoy the conversations I engage in a little bit more, to slow down and actually chew my food, but most of all to enjoy being present for all life deals me. I pray you will join with me to take moments throughout our day to pause, take a deep breath and simply gaze around at this beautiful life God has given us.

Live to Love.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hey guys, we just got some new gear in. You can check it out on my website at


Hey guys my management just informed me that I was booked for the 2009 Fields of Faith rally in San Angelo, Texas. Fields of Faith is a peer-to-peer ministry event. Students invite their own classmates and teammates to meet on their school’s athletic field to hear fellow students share their testimonies, experience live worship, and hear from a main speaker. An athletic field provides a neutral, interdenominational rally point where a community can come together. These rallies take place all over. Im excited to be a part of this evident, I wholeheartedly support FCA, and their commitment to reach today's generation. For more information about a rally near you check out

Live to Love.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hey guys just wanted you to know about an event Im speaking at. It's called Take Back The Night, it is hosted by Regional Crime Victim Crisis Center, an organization I love and support.

Live to Love.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Date: August 16th South Pointe Church Abilene, Texas

On August 16th, my good buddy Lead Pastor Trace Michaels has invited me to speak at both of his morning services at South Pointe Church. Immediately after the services I will have the opportunity to sign The Superman Syndrome for those that purchase it on the 16th. i truly love South pointe church. I especially love their message.

South Pointe"s Message is simply they are an "Uncommon Church"? They want to be "uncommon" for a cause... to be peculiar with purpose. Their passion is to "Share the uncommon love, of an uncommon Savior, in a common world." Because they are common people serving an uncommon God. Pretty profound, their passion for missions and the local community inspires me. If you are around the area come say hello at either the 9:00am or 11:00am service at South Pointe church. For more information check out my website at

Live to Love.