Monday, August 20, 2012


Miracle= One that excites admiring awe

Sunday night I witnessed a miracle. I watched a couple's vision come to life as a result of their obedience. Openhanded shared God's love with so many people by giving out free meals and school supplies to all that attended. The Fambroughs are such an inspiration.

Today I witnessed the birth of another miracle. We were able to purchase school supplies for the entire Holiday hills neighborhood. It will be a blessing to watch the kids receive them Saturday evening.

Looking forward to tomorrow and what it will bring.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Those People

Throughout our lifetime we have the privilege to encounter people that inspires our souls. Today I had the privilege to spend a great portion of my afternoon with one of those people. Pastor Kenneth Carpenter and I walked around his neighborhood picking up trash, through the process of cleaning up the neighborhood we met a ton of residents. As Pastor Carpenter engaged each resident, it was absolutely beautiful to witness the love and compassion he displayed as he encountered each individual. Regardless of race, economic status, or any other bias Pastor Carpenter simply loved the people. Please pray for Pastor Carpenter and Holiday Hills Baptist church as they shine their light in the N9th community. I have truly been inspired by Pastor Carpenter, a man who leads by serving....I pray all of us are one of "those people" that inspires others....

Make some noise.