Monday, November 28, 2011

A Social Network Christmas

I saw this last year, and stumbled across it once again...thought it was worth sharing

Thursday, November 24, 2011


One of the most beautiful threads throughout much of God’s word is God’s passionate pursuit to use the most unlikely people for His glory. Time and time again the creator gives unlikely people a platform that in normal regards wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise.

Second Kings chapter 5 reveals one of my favorite stories of all time. Naaman was a really good man who commanded an army in the country of Aram. But Naaman had a problem that no army could fix, a bad disease called leprosy. But as a result of one young girl standing up and "making some noise," Naaman's life was forever changed.

All throughout the Scripture we can find beautiful jewels to awaken our souls. I challenge you to read it for yourself, it just might change your life.

Make some noise.


In Matthew chapter 5 we find an amazing story of a man that was demon possessed. He finds healing in Jesus and greatly desired to tag along with Jesus after he was healed. I am sure it hurt Jesus to tell the man he couldn't travel along with him, but Jesus knew there was something more important the man needed to do. He wanted the man to go home and tell his story. 

Matthew 5:18-20 As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon possessed begged to go with him. But Jesus said,“No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.” So the man started off to visit the Ten Towns of that region and began to proclaim the great things Jesus had done for him; and everyone was amazed at what he told them.

Have you went home and told your story?

"If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive." —Barry Lopez

Make some noise.


Today, after detoxing from so much Turkey consumption there is one thing that has resonated in my mind. One of the most beautiful parts about Thanksgiving to me is the constant flow of stories that circulate throughout the air.  Memories shared of the past or the new memories made, although the stories told vary, the beauty remains. The beauty of one life opening up, courageously sharing with another is breathtaking.  As Black Friday quickly approaches, I plead with you to not get so lost in the chaos this season brings that you fail to take time to listen to the stories that surround you.

Make some noise.

Book Signing Saturday the 26th

Hey guys if you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of my book Brother's Keeper, Al and I will be signing books at Shotwell Stadium this Saturday from 12:30-2:00 prior to the Abilene High Playoff game. Our book will be sold throughout the game, but if you are desiring a signed copy please pick up one before the game begins. 

Celebration of Life: Cliff Allen Pitcock

Cliff Allen Pitcock, 53, died Sunday, November 20, 2011, at his home. Services will be 2:00 p.m. Friday, November 25, 2011, at Adams-Graham Funeral Home Chapel with Chad Mitchell officiating. Burial will be in Mount Hope Cemetery, directed by Adams-Graham Funeral Home. 
Born April 10, 1958 in Anson, Cliff was a son of Syble (Thorn) Pitcock and the late Richard Jack Pitcock. He was raised in Anson and moved to Iowa Park where he graduated from Iowa Park High School. Cliff was a master plumber and was a Baptist. He volunteered for the Bridges to Life program. 
Cliff was preceded in death by his father (Jack Pitcock) and brother (David Pitcock).
Survivors include his wife, Janet Pitcock of Abilene; his mother Syble Pitcock of Anson; a daughter, Crystal Pitcock; three sons, Justin Pitcock (and wife, Shelly), Jerrett Pitcock (and girlfriend, Brittni), David Allen Pitcock (and girlfriend, Kristen); one sister, Darla Patterson (and husband, Micky); grandchildren, Mikael and Riley Pitcock, Garrison Pitcock and Kinley Pitcock. 
Family visitation will be from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 23, 2011, at Adams-Graham Funeral Home, 732 Ave. I, in Anson.

Please continue to pray for Cliff's wife, Janet and the rest of their family. Janet is an incredible woman who has a tremendous amount of faith.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Lost

In a few minutes the day of Thanksgiving will shortly begin. I am so grateful for Thanksgiving, in fact it is probably one of my favorite holidays simply because it is a time of great times with family, great food, and great conversation. But in recent days one thing that has disturbed me is the increasing attempt to distract us from this beautiful holiday. At one time it was Black Friday that disturbed me as I watched time and time again on the news consumers being trampled on by others trying to get that incredible deal. Yet, this Thanksgiving is even more disturbing as a result of the sales starting even earlier. Don't misunderstand I am all about great sales, but what is so alarming is the fact that we can move so rapidly from a time of thanksgiving to a time of stress and chaos as we race down the aisles to get that great present for Christmas. My prayer for all of us this Thanksgiving is that we don't get lost in consuming material possessions but we get lost in the beauty the day brings. Because of each of you, I have reason to be thankful.

Enjoy the moment, you'll never get it back.



DEC 21, 2011

More details to come soon...


Don't forget to bring your rice bowls back Dec 4th!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pop Quiz

Throughout my school years one of the things that annoyed me most was when my teacher would spring a pop quiz on my class. The older I get the more I realize although I'm out of school, pop quizzes continue to not only seek me out, but also anyone else that choses to live a life of faith. Join us this Sunday as we find the the truth out about Pop Quizzes.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Empty Chair Perspective

Let's be honest, holidays are incredible times of fun, fellowship, and family...or are they? All around the world for many, holiday meals are a time of sorrow. Join us this Sunday as we  look at Thanksgiving from a different perspective, one that is only found looking from an empty chair.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Thanks

A big thanks to Fambrough, T-rev, and Heath for putting together a Thanksgiving feast I will never forget. Also I can't thank you enough for those of you that served or brought something to the RE:turn feast. I'm definitely looking forward to see all the videos and pics from tonight.

Who said church can't be fun?

Ps. I really do have the greatest staff in the world.

Make some noise.

STV is on the MOVE

The next two days I will be out of town sharing about the Stop the Violence Movement. I will be speaking in Albany tomorrow and then Breckenridge on Wednesday. It is honestly an incredible blessing to witness STV do what it was created to do, spread! In just four short years STV has grown and grown because of people such as yourself who refuse to be silent. I beg you please never stop making noise!

Make some noise.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peek of Echoes of the City

Friends, I wanted to share with you a portion of Sheri's and my second book to be published before Christmas, that is if everything goes smoothly.  Below is a portion taken from the introduction. Hope you enjoy...

    Over two thousand years ago in a remote section of the Roman Empire, one man’s revolutionary teachings and way of life sparked a radical movement that collided with society’s traditional beliefs and culture. He unfolded a new and simple plan that would destroy ideologies and models of power imposed on humanity throughout the ages. A simple carpenter from Nazareth lived a life that ignored limitations and boundaries and confronted society’s perspective on Jew or Gentile, clean or unclean, male or female, and even rich or poor. He loved ALL people without prejudice or limit. He changed the world. Yes, this man called Jesus was far beyond ordinary!
     He was one single man yet He chose to live differently from all the rest and to love each person uniquely, unashamed and unafraid to fulfill God’s master plan of redemption. He listened to the sounds of the city and He heard the cries of broken hearts. Men called for a woman's death--an adulteress--yet they were sinners themselves. The accused woman herself was guilty--her own sin crying out for love but she sought for it in all the wrong places. A bleeding woman reached out for physical healing but her soul cried out for restoration. Moneylenders and thieves cried out in the temple and in the streets—cries of greed but their hearts longed for something money couldn’t buy. Blind men cried out for a crust of bread but hoped for new sight. The lame and the beggars in the streets cried out for alms but even more, they needed acceptance. Lepers cried out to family members, separated by distance and disease—they needed a healing that went beyond skin to the soul. Mary and Martha grieved the loss of a brother they loved for he had been their mainstay. What would they do without him? Even the religious leaders cried out in anger and hatred against Jesus Himself but He knew that fear lay behind their anger--afraid that they might be found out for they weren’t as perfect as they pretended. Afraid they would lose their power if they were wrong and Jesus was right. Murderers, thieves, harlots, the poor, the homeless, the broken—story after story--all sinners somehow, but each one cried out in need of grace. Their voices reverberated across the chasms of religion, tradition, and social classes. Though no one else was listening, Jesus heard them. His heart broke for every need and He soothed their cries with mercy. The scoffers and religious leaders of the day couldn’t understand it.
      Even to us, those old stories are distant echoes resounding across the years like “hellos”                                                                                              when sound waves bounce off surface after surface, as if looking for a place to land—a place to call home. Have these stories found a home in your heart?
     Have you ever stood alone in the Grand Canyon and yelled, “HELLO!  IS ANYBODY THERE?!” Then, ”HELLO… Hello… hello.... IS ANYBODY…Anybody… anybody… THERE... There...there…” The words bounce of the canyon walls, echoing back across time and space as if they would go on forever. Sound is amplified and impossible to ignore, but no one answers in return. Your own words boomerang back at you and you suddenly realize your aloneness.
     The echoes of the city went unanswered for too long--each one resounding its own misery.  But finally GRACE answered back and Jesus responded. He was ridiculed, mocked, beaten, wrongfully condemned, and even crucified for His convictions. He gave up His own sinless life to suffer the shame and agony of the vilest criminal’s execution for the sake of their cries. Even on the cross, He remained adamant that there was a better way to live and love, “Father, forgive them for they know not…” His way was and still is GRACE.
     Today, we hear the echoes too--anguish, pain, grief, loneliness, anger, vengeance, hatred, fear, injustice, and brokenness. Prostitutes sell their bodies, desperate for love and affirmation. Addicts seek out drugs and alcohol, trying to fill the void in their lives. Gang members cry out for vengeance all in the name of their own credo—that in itself, a cry for acceptance and belonging. Kids in the street, in dysfunctional families, in orphanages, and in foster homes cry out to be noticed and to be loved. Cancer patients and the mentally ill cry out for healing and happiness. The poor and homeless cry out for money and food--for sustenance. And the lost and broken ache for something they can’t even define. Divorce, murder, abuse, and war--the cries of victims who are beaten, torn, and broken ring out. Today, we see different faces in a different era but the cries are the same as those two thousand years ago. We read the paper and listen to the news. In story after story, even your very own stories, people cry out in need of something they can’t find…Echoes of those ancient, ageless cries reverberate across time and space with those of today. They are impossible to ignore.
      Throughout His earthly life as He walked and talked among us, Jesus would reach out His hand to heal, to comfort, to encourage, to bring life. He didn't give out a list of a hundred impossible things to do to earn it. He simply said, "Come to Me and I will give you rest."...And then He stretched out His arms and died. Two thousand years ago, Jesus gave His life so that Jerusalem might have that we might have peace today. A resurrected, living Christ still hears them. If you are reading this, chances are that He has answered your cries with His gift of mercy. In response and gratitude to His gift, we must live and love as He did—beyond what the world deems reasonable.
       As you enter His story with us, we pray you gain insight from all that He lived and taught so long ago and from the stories of those who have walked ahead of you. What breaks His heart must break yours. He wants you to listen to the echoes of the city. Can you hear them? 

Monday, November 14, 2011

STV is on the MOVE

The next two days I will be out of town sharing about the Stop the Violence Movement. I will be speaking in Albany tomorrow and then Breckenridge on Wednesday. It is honestly an incredible blessing to witness STV do what it was created to do, spread! In just four short years STV has grown and grown because of people such as yourself who refuse to be silent. I beg you please never stop making noise!

Make some noise.

The empty seat

For many of us there will be an empty seat at our table this Thanksgiving. At my table there will be an empty seat for the first time in my life, where my Unkie use to sit. As sad as it may be I have to rejoice knowing this year at another table, there was a seat added just for my Unkie...a table that is found in Heaven.

May God be with each one of you, especially those that will have an empty seat at their table.

Make some noise,

The empty seat

For many of us there will be an empty seat at our table this Thanksgiving. At my table there will be an empty seat for the first time in my life, where my Unkie use to sit. As sad as it may be I have to rejoice knowing this year at another table, there was a seat added just for my Unkie...a table that is found in Heaven.

May God be with each one of you, especially those that will have an empty seat at their table.

Make some noise,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Invitation to Witness

As we enter into a season of thanksgiving it causes me to pause and really investigate what I am thankful for. There's no doubt that first and foremost I am thankful that God looked upon a sinful person such as myself and extended to me an invitation of grace. Secondly I am grateful for a beautiful family that teaches me more than any textbook ever could. My list of people I am grateful for is quite long so I'll end this post with one other group of people I am thankful for, my staff. Those guys are incredible. Their passion for God and people inspire me to be a better believer. There is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that Mission Abilene has become what it is today because of each one of them.
I say all that to say, join us this Wednesday at the Re:turn feast so you can witness me express my gratitude to my staff as I present to them a special gift. I promise you don't want to miss this.
Make some noise.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


If you are interested in joining our development team for this event please contact us. It is going to be incredible...

OCTOBER 13, 2O12

Rumor has it, STV is joining a 9 day tour that begins in Abilene! Breaking news to be posted soon...


Last night leaving the Abilene High Football game, I experienced one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed during my lifetime. Walking through a dark crowded parking lot it was difficult to find my Jeep. Instead of walking through each aisle in attempt to find my car, I simply hit my keyless entry in hopes it would flash my lights on. God must have knew I was not in the mood to search aimlessly for my car because about 20 feet away the headlights of my Jeep began to flash. As I walked toward my Jeep I noticed a middle aged couple about 10 feet ahead of me. The next thing I know the couple is getting in my Jeep and then shut the doors once they are nestled into the seats.  I continued to walk towards my Jeep, when I got next to the driver's side door, I kindly knocked on the window stating, "Sir, I think your in my Jeep."  He said, "Well I have a red Jeep." I hate to admit it, but I laughed a little bit and then said "Sir, well I think you are sitting in a black Jeep." His wife began to laugh hysterically as the man proceeded to get out of my Jeep. We shook hands and then I got in MY black jeep (lol) with a story I'll never forget.

As you live today I pray you find a few chuckles along the way, in a world that reeks with stress, enjoy those moments that bring a smile to your face.

Make some noise.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Join us this Sunday as we investigate why we should Re:turn...

Don't forget to put it on your calendar.
Re:turn Feast next Wednesday

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Breaking News:

It's no rumor STV partners, Stop the Violence is doing what it was created to do, it's spreading.

Fall of 2012
San Antonio, Texas

Stop the Violence will partner with The Ella Foundation's own Charity Lee to expand the STV Movement.

The list of speakers already partnering for this event is amazing, many are internationally known speakers.

I have a conference call at 5 pm to confirm more details. I will post them as soon as they are confirmed.

I would love your help with this event, start planning for it now.

Make some noise.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful Miracle: Miss Alerie Rozzell

Alerie Elizabeth Rozzell 5lbs 7oz 19" long was born at 2:14 am. Thank you God for blessing the Rozzell family with such a beautiful miracle.

Make some noise.

It's 1am and I'm excited

It's 1 am...just got an exciting wake up call from Aroz, looks like baby Alerie Rozzell has decided to come early. Please pray for Heather and baby Alerie. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get one.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Re:turn Feast

Faithful, you don't want to miss this event at
M.A. It is going to be action packed with fun, fellowship, and lots of surprises. Come join us as we return gratitude to where it belongs.

Great flyer Fambrough.

Make Some noise.

So Abilene, Ready to make SOME noise?

The total number of murders in Abilene for 2011 has already exceeded the total for 2010.

The Abilene Police Department has recorded six homicides so far this year.  In 2010, the department investigated five.  There were seven murders in Abilene in 2009.

At the current rate, Abilene is on pace to have seven murders in 2011, the department said.

*according to

The Hard Facts

The hard facts


  • Nearly 163 million children across the world are orphans.
  • The magnitude of the orphans and children in crisis remains deeply distressing, and the situation for children is likely worsening due to the global economic crisis and the effects on children due to bad governance, conflict, poverty, disaster, and disease.
  • Vulnerable children, with few means of supporting themselves are often forced to work in commercial agriculture, as street vendors, beggars, domestic servants, or given over to the sex trade — victims of human trafficking.


  • Every 2 seconds, another orphan dies from malnutrition.
  • Malnutrition plays a part in more than half of all child deaths worldwide.
  • Even more often malnutrition cripples children’s growth, renders them susceptible to disease, dulls their intellects, diminishes their motivation and reduces their productivity.
  • Consider 4 children you know. What if one of them had so little to eat that they could not grow? In South Africa, one out of every four children under five has stunted growth, a consequence of malnutrition.
  • Millions of children suffer from micronutrient malnutrition, when the body lacks essential minerals and vitamins. These deficiencies can lead to severe mental or physical impairment, life-threatening anemia, lowered productivity, blindness,and a weakened immune system.


  • 6,000 children are orphaned by AIDS every day. That is 1 newly orphaned child every 14 seconds.
  • The number of the entire child population of California, Oregon, and Washington = the 12,000,000HIV/AIDS orphans living in Sub-Saharan African.
  • Given the current number of individuals infected with HIV or AIDS, the number of children orphaned byAIDS will continue to rise for at least a decade.
  • Who’s caring for these kids? Less than 10% of children orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS are receiving some kind of public support. Rice Bowls & YOU, could make an impact! Join us Sunday at Mission Abilene to find out how you can make a difference around the globe.
Make some noise.