Sunday, September 25, 2011


When things in a culture rise , it’s the church's responsibility to rise above it.-cm

I will forever remember you.

Today was a day that I will absolutely never forget as long as I live. I witnessed first hand somewhere around 40 people, ( we don't have an official count yet,) display a tremendous amount of audacity as they professed their faith through baptism. God you are so AWESOME.

Mission Abilene family you have sketched a memory in my heart that I will never forget. Thank you for allowing me the incredible honor to witness the move of God through you today.

 Thank you for showing me that there are people that reside on this earth that refuse to be the norm. Thank you for being AUDACIOUS. Because of your Audacious obedience I will never forget you.

Make some noise.

H2O leaves me speechless

Never in my life have I been excited about drinking a glass of water, or even seeing it for that matter regardless of how parched I have been in the past, WELL UNTIL NOW. The reality that I can sit and have a clean glass of water knowing that thousands of miles from the city I call home there are literally thousand daily that for the first time are drinking safe clean water.

I can't thank you enough Mission Abilene family, Brian, and Matt for showing such great audacity to save thousands upon thousands of people's  lives.

Because of you, I am speechless...

Make some noise.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This Sunday we will close out our series Audacious. I promise you, you don't want to miss this Sunday. It will be a day in the life of our church that you will never forget. Don't forget to bring a pair of shorts, if you decide to wear shorts to church please bring an extra pair.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So I changed my mind...

In my previous post I stated that I would wait for media to break the news of something that STV and myself  was soon to be involved in. I changed my mind for various reasons that are best kept unmentioned. On Friday I will officiate John Lee's graveside service.

If you don't know who John Lee is, I am sure you heard his name mentioned in the news if you live in the city of Abilene.
For those of you that do not know who John Lee is, I included below a statement from Det. Eric Vickers of Abilene Police Department.

"On September 7, 2011 at approximately 5:00 p.m. John Lee, a 73 year old Asian male, walked into the apartment office at 750 North Judge Ely Blvd. He was armed with a .38 caliber revolver. He approached Jacob Allan and Joshua Steed who are employees of Mesquite Square Apartments. John Lee began to shoot at Jacob Allan. In the course of firing several shots, John Lee shot Jacob Allan in the head. The bullet entered and exited Jacob’s head causing severe trauma. While this was occurring, Joshua Steed grabbed a chair and ran to Jacob’s defense. Joshua Steed engaged John Lee, and the two struggled over the gun. During the course of the struggle, John Lee suffered several injuries. Joshua survived the struggle with only minor injuries. Joshua retrieved the gun from the floor and secured it until police arrived."

John Lee eventually passed away.

A representative of John Lee approached me a week ago or so and asked if it would be okay if in the Obituary for Mr. Lee they included a request in lieu of flowers that people make a donation to STV. After much thought, counsel, and prayer I agreed to accept the kind offer. In fact, the more I think about it the more I realize how successful STV has become. STV is now literally reaching both sides of violence. 

I was then asked another question by Mr. John Lee's representative. I was asked to officiate Mr. John Lee's service.

I'm sure in the next few days I will be asked by media of all sorts why did I decide to be apart of John Lee's service. I figured it would be best if I released a statement publicly before the news went public with the story. 

Why did I choose to be a part of Mr. Lee's service?

The answer is simple. Although some would disagree with my decision, I wholeheartedly believe it is the right thing to do. I believe with all my heart that Jesus would officiate Mr. John Lee's service if He was asked to. I also believe that a person should not be remembered only by their last action. They should also be remembered for the life they lived. Although I disagree completely with Mr. Lee's actions to exercise violence against a human being, I still believe regardless of what any human being has done, they still should have a proper burial. As a result of my convictions, I will see to it that Mr. John Lee has a proper burial on Friday. 

Regardless if you agree with my decision or not, I pray that you will do all you can to SILENCE THE SILENCE, and Stop The Violence.

Make Some Noise.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Back

Hello to all my friends that faithfully read my chronicles...

I apologize for the delay in getting reconnected with the social media world but honestly I needed time away to catch my breath.

I want to give you a few updates that took place while I was away.

1) I left our leadership STV meeting incredibly excited. I can not explain in words how thankful I am for those of you that are making noise. Your ideas, insight, and passion inspires me to raise my voice.

2) STV has truly became a Movement. In the days ahead you will see STV in the forefront of our community's eyes. In the next few weeks we will be posting where all The STV team will be making appearances. If you would like to help us make some noise please contact us.

3) The STV Movement will be in the news in the next few weeks, and I personally will be involved in an extremely media involved circumstance. It breaks my heart that violence orchestrated events take place in the city I call home. I will release a statement to the media, why in this particular situation I have decided to be involved. You will hear more in the days ahead but for the meantime please pray for strength and wisdom for me.

4) I'm excited to announce that I was asked to serve on The Ella Foundation's board. If you are on Facebook please follow Ella's page. God has opened up so many doors for Charity and The Ella Foundation post STV. I am truly humbled and honored that Charity would ask me to join forces with her soon to be international organization.

5) Lastly, within the next few months Sheri and my new project "Echoes of the City," will be published. Honestly I am more excited about this project then our first project.

Make some Noise,