Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wow, life has been really crazy lately. But, what can I say it has been a good kind of crazy. This past Monday I spoke at Broadview Baptist Church, those guys over there are incredible. I love their faithfulness to both global and local missions. Yesterday I spoke to the Kiwanis group, I love the fact that regardless of how young or old they are, they are truly activist on behalf of children. Tonight I will speak at one of my favorite places to speak at of all time Macedonian Church. Their pastor is amazing, and the people there truly have a heart for their community. As my life continues to move rapidly leading up to Stop The Violence, I pray you will help me out by spreading the word about the event. We are 17 days away! If you have facebook, twitter, myspace, email,text, will you please spread the word? I cant tell you how awesome the event is going to be, and a free concert with SHONLOCK, it just doesn't get any better....

Friday, June 25, 2010


Terrorism. Natural disasters. The environment. Homelessness. We cant solve all the world’s problems. However, we are commanded to love our neighbors. We are called to be ACTIVISTS. Join us as we ask the question, “what can we do to change our world?”


As life continues evolve many of us if we were to be honest get sucked into a complacent routine. We wake up at the same time, we eat at the same restaurants, order the same food, watch the same tv shows, drive the same way to work each day, and the cycle continues...As a result of our consistent routine boredom overshadows us and we begin to take our life for granted. We take our family, friends, our job, our freedom, and so many other blessings reigned down from God for granted....In recent days I have been strongly moved by a word that I believe will help not only myself but many others.....DISRUPTION....When we think about disruption usually the next word to shortly follow is DRAMA....but what about a positive spin on it possible? I believe so...This past week I challenged our staff to disrupt their life and share about...Here is my disruption....

There are several things I did differently this week

I took different routes to work

I didn't watch one television show that I am use to watching

I was able to sign off on my second book I have been working on since January so it can be published in the next two weeks.

The flooring in my house is really really bad, so my wife and I went to check out new flooring at one of the local floorscapes places. We found some we loved but honestly all of them were out of price range. I couldn't believe how expensive it has become to replace flooring. With a new baby on the way, and all the preparations and needs that come with it, we just didn't see it being possible. As we continued to search we found flooring that I believed in my heart that I could install myself. That statement in itself is quite funny because I am totally not the handy man type. As a result of a couple of good friends, countless hours of chaos and hardship, we have part of the floor in place. I must admit, it has been chaos, and much harder than I anticipated, but the disruption has brought a great sense of joy in my life, because I actually get the beautiful opportunity to see something completed.

When is the last time you allowed disruption to come into your life and bring about positive results...

Live to Love.


KTAB is doing a fantastic job covering The Stop The Violence Movement, to check out the latest story go to

In the last few weeks we have been sharing stories from Abilene crime victims leading up to an event next month called "Stop the Violence, Start the Love."

The proceeds from it go directly to the regional Crime Victims Crisis Center, an agency that helps victims of crime in their time of need.

This week we have the story of an Abilene woman who was a victim of crime herself, but now plans to fight back and help other is in the process.

Emily Hunter was just 14 years old when she watched her cousin's killers in an Albuquerque court room.

He was run over by drug dealers 10 years ago this month, and it's a time in her life that she now draws strength from as she helps others who are victims of violent crimes as a volunteer with the Crimes Victims Crisis Center.

It is people like her who provide help to people like Gina, who was burned by her ex-boyfriend.

Stop the Violence will be July 17th at the Abilene Civic Center.

During the event, Chief of Police Stan Standridge is scheduled to host an open forum.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Check out KTAB tonight, Albert's story will be featured promoting Stop The Violence!

Live to Love.

check out this video

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Geana's story was featured on KTAB

After five years, an Abilene women who was set of fire by her boyfriend is telling her story to the public. Gena McLendon will be sharing her story of survival with local victims of violence at an event to benefit the Crime Victims Crisis Center.

McLendon was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend in her North Abilene home, in front of her 6 year old son. Although years have passed, scars remain to remind her of her tragedy.

Yet, she does not want to forget her story; she wants to share it.

In 2005 she broke up with her boyfriend, who then took out his anger over the break up on Gena in an unimaginable way. He poured gas on her, and lit her on fire.

Her son was at home with her, she says all she could think while she was on fire was how to get her son out of the house.

Shannon Lopez was arrested in a South Abilene home a few hours later and also had burns from the incident. He is in prison and Gena now says she has a share her story and encourage other victims of violence.

She will be speaking at Stop the Violence 2010. More information can be found at

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shh....Don't Tell Anyone

Hey guys for those of you that follow my blog I wanted to share with you the cover to my new book that I co-authored with Al Pickett. Shh... Don't tell anyone you saw it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I mentioned in a previous post life is moving pretty rapidly for me in recent days...Here are some events I will be speaking at this month, I would love for you to come out and support the movement.

June 12th New Life Temple
June 24th Realtor's Conference
June 28th Broadview Baptist
June 29th Kiwanis Club
June 30th Macedonia Baptist Church


This past Sunday was left me speechless. In the twelve years I have been a part of The Mission Community I have witnessed God move in some amazing ways. Yet on Sunday, he created another milestone in my life that I will never forget. Our community had the great honor and privilege to witness 12 people confess that Jesus Christ had changed their life and be baptized. I am so honored to be able to witness the movement of God.


Man, God uses Amena Brown in amazing ways...


I really love the message in this video...Do You TRUST?

Please help spread the word

Dear Friends,

Day after day, we hear story after heartbreaking story of tragic violence and senseless
injustice in our local and national news media. We are sometimes appalled by the most
tragic of stories such as the recent witnessed gang rape of a 15 year old girl in California
that lasted two hours. Yet none of the witnesses raised a hand to help her until she was
brutally beaten and unconscious. But even in the worst, our personal lives
typically remain unfazed until violence touches us or someone we love. We become
almost oblivious to violence and injustice because we hear it so often that we minimize
the devastating effects to the unknown victims and their families. But when it happens to
us…to someone we love, our lives are dramatically changed. We look at life and injustice
from a different perspective. We shouldn’t wait until those tragic circumstances become
our own before we raise our voice against injustice. On July 17, 2010 The 3rd Annual
Stop the Violence Start the Love Movement will take place. The family-friendly event
shines a light on violence and crime within our city and raises awareness to the
many tragic and widespread consequences of violence. We seek to make a difference
by using our voices to give a voice to others as we invite all to take a stand against
injustice. The Rally will be filled with well- known speakers and music artists from
around the country who will share their testimonies and experiences as they use their
talents to bring awareness to the dangers of violence and abuse. There will be a variety
of children’s activities that provide fun entertainment. Many local non-profit organizations
will be on hand with information about their services. We will reach out with love and
hope to victims and their families as we remember their loved ones’ lives that were taken
or dramatically changed due to violence. Proceeds from the event will benefit the
Regional Crime Victims Crisis Center.

To make a difference in our neighborhoods and our city and we need YOUR HELP.

Live to Love,

Chad Mitchell


In American society there is no denying the fact that many live their life in such a high paced way they often have very little time. Little time to rest, little time for silence, little time if any to relax and enjoy the beautiful aspects of life. As my life becomes more and more fast paced in days to come, there is no doubt there are many things that I will have to leave out of my schedule. Yet there are some that I absolutely forbid to eliminate. Time with family, time for laughter, and most of all time away with my God will not be deleted from my daily to do list. As I am preparing for a new series called PRAYER at church, It has often brought about a few questions about why people don't pray...

I believe there are four common reason why people don't pray

1) They are not sure they know how to pray.
2) They get bored or distracted while trying to pray.
3) They think their requests are too small for God.
4) They are not sure their prayers will make a difference.

Regardless of our insecurities, doubts, or even common routines, there is absolutely no way we can possibly have a healthy relationship with our Creator without being in communication with Him...

When's the last time you got away and prayed with gut level honestly for the things that mattered to you? I pray this question will disturb you as much as it has me in recent days.

Live to Love.