Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm honored and excited to announce that Stop the Violence was able to cut a check for over 5,000 dollars to REGIONAL CRIME VICTIM CRISIS CENTER as a result of the proceeds from our event. I can not thank enough those of you that gave and helped raise money for this years event.

Thank you Regional Crime Victim Crisis Center for all you do. You all are truly an inspiration to all of us.

If a homeless man can stand up, can't you?

 Check out this video of a homeless standing up and making some difference in Dallas on the link below

Pictures from Amarillo

It was such a joy to be present with Family Support Services of Amarillo and stand with them to Stop The Violence. 

FSS truly blessed me, more importantly I can't thank them enough for courageously taking a stand each day to help those that are victims of violence.


 When Keevan got hurt and was notified that his injury would conclude his senior year season, his brothers stepped up and exemplified our team's theme perfectly, which is OHANA---meaning no one get's left behind. Keevan's jersey number is #2, look at what some of his brother's did to honor him.

Painted toe nails and duct tape

The things we do to make a difference in this world, painted toe nails and duct tape just doesn't get any better than


Here are some of the guys that endured the police academy with me. It blessed my soul to see them come out and support the STV MOVEMENT.

Thanks guys, be safe out there as you make a difference.


Prior to Sadie being born, Ash and I prayed and prayed about the name we would give our 2nd daughter. We decided that Ashley would come up with the first name of our child and I would come up with her middle name. Ashley one night told me that she really felt strongly that our daughter's first name should be Sadie. We researched the name and quickly found out that in Hebrew Sadie, means princess. After finding out what the name meant, I gave my blessing. I continued to pray about Sadie's middle name, a name that when my lifetime had passed that she would be proud of because it was something that her daddy gave her. I continued to pray, continue to investigate name after name. One night it hit me, "Chad what do you want your daughter to remember about you?" Obviously the quick answer was that I stood for Jesus Christ. Yet, I also wanted her to know that I stood on behalf of brings joy to my heart to see our little princess of justice, Sadie Justice Mitchell stand with us as we continue to do all we can to STOP THE VIOLENCE....IF A TWO YEAR OLD CAN STAND UP, DON'T YOU THINK YOU CAN?


Monday, October 22, 2012


What are your choices? Whom are your choices for? Not just for yourself. Chose now whom you will serve, and that choice is going to affect the next generation, and the next generation, and the next. Choice never affects just one person alone. It goes on and on and the effect goes out into geography and history. You are part of history and your choices become part of history.

-Edith Schaeffer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amarillo by morning

What an eventful journey to Amarillo. I never thought I would say that George Strait and I had something in common... But we do... I too made it to Amarillo by morning. I'll be sending pics from Amarillo throughout the day, more than anything I can't explain the joy I have seeing another Stop The Violence Event take place in another city. I have met a lot of workers and volunteers from Family Support Services, they are the ones that are hosting the event. Much like Regional Crime Victim Crisis Center, these people are selfless, courageous, and have an incredible passion to help victims of violence.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A miracle is brewing

Tonight after the Abilene High game, I'm going to be driving to Amarillo, Texas to witness a miracle. The Stop The Violence Movement taking over another city tomorrow morning.
Please pray for my drive, it has been quite a busy day already as a result of spending most of it on patrol. Yet I wouldn't trade my life for the world.

Updates from Amarillo coming soon!



Thursday, October 11, 2012


“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 
 Martin Luther King Jr.

Have our lives ended?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is why.

In recent days, over the course of several interviews with media. Off the record I often get asked why I do what I do...the answer is simple... This is why.

Because I want my kids and all the other children to experience a safer city. Because I want those without a voice, to be heard even though they might not be able to speak. Because I want victims to have a platform they can courageously share their story of how they became an overcomer. Because I want families that have experienced loss to find hope once again. Because I want the offender to find rehabilitation and redemption.

This is why.



According to Sweetwater Reporter:

Nolan County Sheriff David Warren recently swore in two newly approved reserve deputies.
On Tuesday morning, Oct. 2, the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office added two more members to its roster. However, these two men won’t get paid a salary for their efforts. Stephen Smith II and Chad Mitchell were sworn in as reserve deputies for the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office.
Both men recently completed their training and graduated from Academy #88 of the West Central Texas Law Enforcement Academy in Abilene. Smith and Mitchell endured night classes and Saturday classes over a seven-and-a-half month period to obtain the 796 classroom hours needed to finish the academy. Both took and passed their state licensing examinations and are now fully licensed peace officers.
What sets these two apart is they both have other careers and are entering law enforcement in a volunteer capacity. “This is rare these days and very encouraging,” said Sheriff David Warren. “Volunteerism is something that has declined in recent years and reserve officers used to be able to take a much more abbreviated amount of training to achieve their 'reserve deputy' status. Now they must take the same full amount of training as any full-time officer,” said Warren. “We actually sponsored Stephen Smith through the academy and Chad Mitchell just chose us as his agency to volunteer for. These guys will be placed with experienced deputies and go through a field training program and orientation with our Sheriff’s Office,” explained Warren.
Stephen Smith II is the eldest son of local residents Steve and Jan Smith and works for U.S. Airways. Chad Mitchell lives in Abilene and is lead pastor for Mission Abilene and was instrumental in starting the program Stop the Violence now entering its sixth year.
Both men have a genuine passion to be involved and help people in this area. Sheriff Warren emphasized, “I am proud to have these two additional deputies and certainly appreciate their unselfish attitude and willingness to risk their own lives to serve folks here in Nolan County in an un-paid capacity.”

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's almost here, help us get the word out!


Hey guys Stop The Violence is NEXT WEEK! How exciting, be sure to check out the article in the newspaper tomorrow by Loretta Fulton.