Friday, May 25, 2012

A Dreamer

I have been called a dreamer my entire life. For some reason I have always been different than many. A great portion of people have to see something before the believe. I am just the opposite, I believe so that one day others along with myself would see. Although I am a dreamer, never in my life did I see this coming.

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4 years ago

In 2008, four years ago exactly my night was spent much like tonight at home with my family. But I had no clue in just a few short hours the day of May 26th would change my life for eternity.

My friend Albert Cadena's body was found in a North Abilene alley on that morning. He was executed by 3 heartless individuals.

As my mind raced following being informed of the tragic news, I knew one thing for certain. I knew I could not let Albert's death be in vain.

In August of that year I began the process of not allowing Albert's death go without purpose, which birthed The STV Movement.

Four years later, I'm still heartbroken for the loss of my buddy. BUT I am truly grateful and humble that my friend, Albert did not die in vain. His legacy lives on as the STV Movement gains more and more momentum.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mission Abilene featured in online magazine

Mission Abilene is blessed to be featured in the, an online magazine. Please click on the link below to check out the story. Thank you Matt, and the rest of the crew for covering our story.

Story on Mission Abilene

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life as we know it

Last night late I received a call From Coach Warren, Abilene Highs head coach called me to inform me that a mutual friend and business associate of ours had passed away in a car wreck. Less than 3 days ago I sat in his office, and now he is gone. For those of you that read this, I pray you live today like its your last. I pray you love today more than you ever thought you could and most of all I pray you radiate the truth of our Savior as you go about your business because life as we know it can change in a split second.

R.I.P Rick.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 27th

Hey guys I'm excited to announce Heath McNease, an incredible lyrical artist will join us for worship on May 27th at 10:45am at Mission Abilene. Heath McNease is headlining at Playfaire park that night. We are so grateful that there are artists out there that desire not only to reach people through concerts, but also minister to the local church.


New Dimensions

In the next few weeks The Stop The Violence Movement will cross into a new dimension. Sari David, who many of you know has partnered with myself, along with The Stop The Violence Movement to create a website that will help victims of violence in our city. Through this website victims and activists will be able to witness first hand all the great organizations that help battle violence and provide assistance to those that have become victims of violence. Sari and I are truly excited about this new endeavor and what lies ahead for the STV MOVEMENT. 

Please be on the lookout for the launch of this new website. 

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Crime is up

According to

Crime is up but There Are Tools to Prevent Being a Victim

By: Victor Sotelo
Updated: May 1, 2012
Crime is up in the city of Abilene in the first three months of the year.This means more homes are being broken into, more cars are being burglarized and we are seeing more violent crimes.

The chief of police says it not looking promising, but the good new is there are tools you can use to keep yourself or your neighbors from being a victim. 

We have all heard about crime stoppers but there are now more ways to report crime and learn about crime in your area.

Detective Rick Dorman says crime alerts can be received through your smart phone, you can also report crime by texting. It's a good way to report violent crime anonymously.

Home burglaries are also up and there are is a good online tool to use before you become a victim. You can use it to detail the property you have in your home.

Crime is up, it's your city, what are you going to do about it? 

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