Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Week

Dear friends, this week the trial of the guy that killed my friend Albert Cadena has been taken place. I am under subpoena so I can't talk to much but what I can tell you is I have shed more tears than I have in a long long time. Honestly at times like this my ministry flat out hurts, often I wonder why I didnt take the easy way out, by joining a staff at a large church where people are just a number not a friend. But for some reason God has called me to walk with these people, to know their stories and allow them to collide with my own. My heart hasnt been this heavy in a long time, often this week I have thought many times, I cant do this anymore, but somehow I know God will Get me through this.

Yesterday God impressed upon my heart, Chad the Stop the Violence, Start the Love Movement is so much bigger than you, then Abilene Texas. You are a part of this one incident, but think about all the people around the world that have experienced, or currently experiencing, or in the future will experience what you are going through. I am giving you a closer glimpse of the pain of violence, now respond...

Im wounded, heartbroken, and weary, but I know somehow someway I will get through this... Today as I take the stand to stand on behalf of justice and share the message that the violence must stop, I ask you to link hands with me and pray. Pray that God will use all of us to be instruments of love not hate, pray God will use you and I as messengers of peace, not war. Most of all today love on those people that surround you, you just never know when that person might be stripped away from you in a split second.
On my blog at I have enclosed a portion of Albert's story that I'm enclosing in my second book The Plastic Man, I would love for you to read it and pass it on to others.

I love each one of you, thank you for the blessing you are to me, to the communities you involve yourself in, and most of all to our Savior. May God's glory be present, may his purpose be known, and may his grace penetrate those we encounter as a result of the words we speak..


Live to Love.

-C. Mitchell

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