Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Do I Not Love?

In attempt to find my true prejudices I thought that maybe it would be easier to ask “Who do I NOT love?” And the truth of that hit me between the eyes…The list really isn’t as long as the ones I love—those who have wounded me deeply and even more those who have deeply wounded those I love--abusers, molesters, users…I have a right to NOT love those people, right? If they hurt me so deeply that it affected my life and my choices for years to come, don’t I have a right to withhold my love for them? Oh, and God forbid that you hurt the ones I love and those who are unable to defend themselves! I have a right to hate people who are intentionally cruel or purposefully vindictive. God doesn’t really expect me to love them the same, does He? And He couldn’t possibly expect me to reach out to help them…could He? There is a woman that attends our church that I can’t figure out. Each Sunday she presents herself as this woman that is consistently beaten by her husband. Needless to say this is button you don’t push with me. If I see a man beating a woman, or hear about it that is the end of story with me. Years back I confronted this man about what he did to his wife, needless to say that he has never entered our church again but he does allow her to attend our weekly services. Many times this man has threatened my life verbally, even to this very day he would much rather have me dead then alive. As I try to justify my hatred and prejudice towards him I have to wonder what right do I have NOT to love him? Christ said to love as He loved, no more and no less. I mean Christ even died for the people that killed him. Now that is a revolutionary thought.

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