Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Master Sculptor

After my life had changed, like most there was a constant tug of war between my past and my newly found present. As a 17 year old I must confessed I was a professional procrastinator. As a result of my procrastinator tendencies my life was usually lived fast pace. One particular Sunday was no different; I was late to church and had to leave my house immediately to make it to church. I backed my truck out of my parent’s garage quickly, without any regard to the reminders my dad routinely gave me. My Dad always expressed to me that I should back out the truck slowly due to the tight fit of the garage, and the divider in the center of the garage that created the two-car garage. With the only thing on my mind was getting to church, I pushed the gas pedal down, and threw the truck in reverse. Needless to say, I quickly was reminded of my Dad’s highly intelligent and helpful insight as I struck the dividing column. I jumped out of the truck and attempted to readjust the bricks back in place. Then I proceeded to go to church. In a matter of minutes my mom, who at the time was not a deeply committed follower shows up at my Sunday school class and ask to speak with me. I quickly become aware that my brick reconstructed structure did not eliminate the evidence of my absent minded collision. On that cloudy Sunday morning I realized that many times throughout life I have tried to be a master sculptor attempting to repair my own mistakes, but there is only one master artist and I wasn’t Him. Time and time again Jesus and Jesus alone rescued me out of my self-constructed agony. Yet He didn’t stop there, he continues to rescue me daily. It is because of this apparent theme, that I continue to survive and live each day. Regardless of the adversity, the pain and sorrow, and sleepless nights my only hope is Jesus alone. It is because of this hope that I don’t pursue fame and fortune, but faith and eternity.

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