Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brake Check

I remember getting in the car with my drivers ed. Instructor for the very first time. I was flooded with nervousness, not because of my instructor but because I noticed brakes at his feet as well. Call it paranoia or simply fear but I remember being so afraid that he would have to use his brakes as I was driving. The older I get the more I realize those brakes still exist in my life, but I have a different driving instructor these days. The Creator of the universe and for some reason that fear still existed, that one day He would have to use His brakes to stop me. Well there is no doubt about it, those brakes have been used. It became so clear to me when my Doctor rolled his stool over to me, looked into my eyes and said, "Chad, if you don't stop and rest you are either going to be in ICU in critical care or you are going to die." For the moment, although those brakes are still be executed, I have learned that at times God has to put His foot on the brakes, so we can truly become better drivers of the vehicle he has given us...our life.

Much Love.

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