Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pay it forward

A year and 7 months ago, I posted on my blog about helping Brenner a homeless man that I had reached out to for over 13 years get off the street. Sunday, I met another guy that was ready to get off the street, guess who I called to help me get this guy off the street? No other than Brenner, because he knows exactly what it is like to undergo the transition. For all those that think that there is no hope for the homeless, this picture proves that there are some out on the streets that need more than a handout they need a hand up. How beautiful it is to see Brenner help his new friend take the proper steps to get off the streets...Can we say PAY IT FORWARD? 

Always remember just because you run across some people that are just wanting to make a quick dollar on the street corner, there are those that really don't want to be out there that call the city streets their home.

                                                  (Brenner is featured on the Left)

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Unlocking the Door
Featured in the picture to the left is Brenner, my homeless friend that I have worked with for over 13 years, opening the door of his home for the first time. As I reflect back on that day, the more this picture means to me. That day I thought I got to witness Brenner unlock the door to his dreams, but I was wrong. That day I witnessed him unlock the door to both of our dreams. His dream to no longer being homeless, my dream that all people would have a place of refuge. After I had left from his home, he sent me a text I will cherish for the rest of my life. It read... "Hey Chad, I am officially not homeless Thanks to you and our Heavenly Father." What dream are you dreaming not only for yourself, but also for humanity? Make some noise-C

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